Niger State

Local Government Areas:
Agaie L.G.A
Agwara L.G.A
Bida L.G.A
Borgu L.G.A
Bosso L.G.A
Chanchaga L.G.A
Edati L.G A
Gbako L.G.A
Gurara L.G.A
Kontagora L.G.A
Lapai L.G.A
Lavun/Edatti L.G.A

List of Towns and Villages in Niger State
Magama L.G.A
Mariga L.G.A
Mashegu L.G.A
Minna Town Areas
Mokwa L.G.A
Muyi L.G.A
Paikoro L.G.A
Rafi L.G.A
Shiroro L.G.A
Suleja L.G.A
Tapa L.G.A
Wushishi L.G.A

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  1. Postal EF765402475JP is, because it is stored in there I would like to have the return to Japan so thank you.

    ※It is written in the address in the lower column.
    Please return to this address.

    ○ Destination address
    19-14 Shinden 2-chome, Kawanishi City, Hyogo, Japan
    Name Takuya Nakajima

    * Address information

    ★ International documents to Nigeria, Ibadan (EF765402475JP)
    ● Destination address (Kawanishi Shinden Post Office) Address listed on the envelope of EF765402475JP
    3-23 Shinden 1-chome, Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

    ● This address
    19-14 Shinden 2-chome, Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
    Name Takuya Nakajima


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