Bida Town Area Zip Codes

Area: Darachita Takwasa

Abdu Ale Rd. Rd. 912231
Eyaii Rd. Rd. 912231
Habiba Rd. Rd. 912231
Nasaratu Rd. Rd. 912231
Usman Magait Rd. Rd. 912231
Usman Zakari Rd. Rd. 912231


Area: Bangayi Ekpat Sunaru

Abdu Latiff Rd. 912241
Bangbara Rd. 912241
Deudo Rd. 912241
Funman Musa Rd. 912241
Nasaratu Rd. 912241
Usam Magait Rd. 912241


Area: Ndenzuba

Airport Rd. 912212
Magajin Gari -Bagua Rd. 912212


Area: Iyaruwa

Bagua Rd. 912211
Eogun Esso Rd. 912211
Magajm Esso Rd. 912211
Usman Zakari Rd. 912211


Area: Water Works

Barracks Rd. Rd. 912232
Eyaii Rd. Rd. 912232
Kago Rd. Rd. 912232
Suleja Rd. Rd. 912232
Usman Zakari Rd. Rd. 912232


Area: Kuchita Ndak Potun

Kuchita Rd. 912221
Magajin Gari- Bagua – Rd. Rd. 912221
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