Ogodu Streets Zip Codes

Ogodu Streets Zip Codes
Generated Address:
District: Ogodu, Omala L.G.A, Kogi State. Associated Zip Code: 270104

District Data:
District Name: District: Ogodu
Local Government Area: Omala L.G.A
State: Kogi State
Associated Zip Code: 270104
Streets: (14)
Street name Zip Code
Abuja-Igaco 270104
Abuja-Ogodu 270104
Akpaha 270104
Allah 270104
Arku 270104
Atokuja 270104
Efekpe 270104
Igodo 270104
Ogodu 270104
Ojeh 270104
Ojiaji 270104
Okaba 270104
Oliya 270104
Olla 270104

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