High Court Streets Zip Codes

High Court Streets Zip Codes

Area: High Court, Akure, Ondo State. Associated Zip Code: 340222

District Name: Area: High Court
Local Government Area: Akure
State: Ondo State
Associated Zip Code: 340222
Streets: (9)
Street name Zip Code
Akure Shopping Compx. 340222
Governors House Rd. 340222
High Court 340222
Kudirat Abiola Shopping Compx. 340222
NEPA Court 340222
Oke Eda St. 340222
Ondo State Water Corporation 340222
Secretariat Offices 340222
Union Bank 340222

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  1. Pls I ordered a good from AliExpress and I contacted them..they said the good has gotten to the post office which is the one at high court with the code 340222. How do I contact you guys to know if the order is available. I need a number to call. Thank you


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