Abua/Odual L.G.A List of Towns and Villages Zip Codes

Abua/Odual L.G.A List of Towns and Villages Zip Codes

Abua/Odual L.G.A, Rivers State, Nigeria

L.G.A. Name: Abua/Odual L.G.A
State: Rivers State
Districts/Areas (1)

List of District/Areas:
District: Abua / Odual

7 thoughts on “Abua/Odual L.G.A List of Towns and Villages Zip Codes”

  1. Kugbo Clan is a District in Abua/Odual LGA Rivers State Nigeria Kugbo clan a distinct clan in the Abua Odual LGA Distinct in culture and tradition culturally it has no bearing with any group, clan, nationality etc Kugbo Clan(Distinct) comprises Emago-Kugbo (traditional capital), Akani-Kugbo,Amurutor -Kugbo and Ebililaegh-Kugbo(former Odekiri). The above are the communities that bears the CLAN of the Adminstrative District under the Abus Odual LGA Rivers State Nigeria the public media should note for records purposes

    • My write up on Kugbo a matter for UGBOR PEOPLE. Kugbo is a Kingdom in ABUA/ODUAL LGA.by tradition a Clan,or District of Abua/Odual LGA.by culture and tradition DISTINCT from Odual and Abua. Therefore I refer Dr Dennis Tobins to AN INTELLIGENCE REPORT ON THE ODUAL (saka) CLAN IN THE DEGEMA DIVISION OWERRI PROVINCE Written By S P L BEAUMONT the then Asst District Officer. Also,BILLE KINGDOM IN DEGEMA LGA; KULA KINGDOM in AKULGA; then KUGBO IN ABOLGA etc . Kugbo a distinct Kingdom in ABOLGA RIVERS STATE. Well the best to go is court.

      • many thanks to u Chief Prof Akari Adukuwas for this publication.Kugbo is a distinct clan totally different from the Abua and Odual clan.base on findings! I am Andrew Chinasa chiboy study enviromental microbiology and ecology in maurid polytechnic mbiaso nsit ibom LGA Akwa ibom state…an origin of KUGBO CLAN

  2. Greetings my brother, Prof Otu Akari A.
    With due respect Sir, I really doubt if this piece (dated 22/12/2018) on the Kugbo Clan in Abua/Odual L. G. A. of Rivers State, I just by accident came across this evening 16/07/2020 is truly your write up!

    What baffled me most (if it is yours) is the fact that it is coming from a Professor (though I don’t really know you much neither your background),

    But for me, Professors are well respected globally and as Senior academics, they talk to the truth without bias or ill-feelings no matter the situation!

    And for me, for you to miss-informed the public especially building ember of hatred and spatially disconnected ideologies in the minds of vulnerable youths and ‘milky-children’ is a crime against humanity and dis-service to the region. Pls Sir, instead the younger generation should be able to tap and benefit from your wealth of knowledge.

    My trouble is based on your outburst,
    that, “traditionally and culturally, Kugbo clan has no bearing with any other group, clan, nationality, etc”, To me, is falsehood, fake news, disastrous and academically catastrophic.

    I was wondering if you really know your history, or whether you have truelly read some of works in the British or National achieves; or read the works of notable scholars like Alagoa, K. Williamson, Derefaka, or younger scholars like Etire Brian , Micheal Thompson, etc. Does Kugbo
    group exist in isolation?

    Pls kindly correct this gravious error or miss-information because posterity will judge our actions and inactions especially as academics.
    Thanks for your attention.

    Your brother,
    Dr. Dennis Tobins
    (Port Harcourt Study Group)

  3. Dr. Dennis Tobins is a senior lecturer and the immediate past HoD of Geography and Environmental Studies, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt- Nigeria.
    He’s an environmental and development consultant, principal researcher, and Chief Director at the Port Harcourt Study Group

  4. Modality of building the life of people around the world my name is Oolapho Williams I’m a native of Abua/odual LGA River State Nigeria I’ll be happy to see Abua people growing to the best point in life


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