Official FCT Abuja Postal Code 2023 List

Abuja is the capital and eighth-most populous city of Nigeria. Located in the center of the country within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). It officially became Nigeria’s capital on 12 December 1991, when the military junta of Ibrahim Babangida relocated the capital from Lagos to Abuja.

A postal code, sometimes referred to as a postcode or ZIP code, is a series of letters, numbers, or both assigned to a specific geographic area to facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail.

See below the postal code for Abuja Municipal.

Abaji L.G.A
Bwari L.G.A
Gwaywalada L.G.A
Kuje L.G.A
Kwali L.G.A

Abuja Postal Codes

Abuja postal codes are structured in a way that reflects the districts and regions within the city. Here’s a breakdown of the postal codes for different areas in Abuja:

Central Business District

  • Central Business District: 900211

Garki Area

  • Garki Area 1: 900241
  • Garki Area 2: 900242
  • Garki Area 7: 900247
  • Garki Area 8: 900248
  • Garki Area 10: 900250
  • Garki Area 11: 900251


  • Wuse Zone 1: 900281
  • Wuse Zone 2: 900282
  • Wuse Zone 3: 900283
  • Wuse Zone 4: 900284
  • Wuse Zone 5: 900285
  • Wuse Zone 6: 900286
  • Wuse Zone 7: 900287


  • Maitama: 900271


  • Asokoro: 900231


  • Gwarimpa: 900108

Other Areas

  • Kubwa: 901101
  • Karu: 900110
  • Lugbe: 900107

Understanding the Structure

The postal codes in Abuja are typically six digits long. The first three digits identify the main district, while the last three digits are used to identify more specific locations within that district.

Importance of Correct Postal Codes

Using the correct postal code ensures that mail and packages are properly sorted and promptly delivered. Incorrect or missing postal codes can lead to delays or misdelivery.


Abuja’s postal code system is a reflection of the city’s structure, and understanding these codes is vital for both residents and businesses in ensuring efficient mail delivery. Postal codes can vary even within a single neighborhood, so it’s essential to use the correct code for the specific address. If in doubt, consulting with the local postal service or using an online lookup tool can help verify the correct code for a given location.

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  2. Lugbe is under Kabusa District, with a postcode 900107.
    The Postcode include
    Aleyita , Burum , Dogori Gada , Galadimawa , Kabusa , Ketti , Lekugoma , Lugbe , Piwoyi , Pykasa , Sabon Lugbe , Sheretti , Takushara , Wani , Zhidu , Zidna.

    courtesy of NIPOST

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