Benue State

Local Government Areas in Benue:

Ado L.G A
Agatu L.G.A
Apa L.G.A
Buruku L.G A
Gboko L.G A
Guma L.G.A
Gwer Eat/West L.G.A
Katsina-Ala L.G A
Konshisha L.G.A
Kwande L.G.A
List of Towns and Villages in Benue State
Logo L.G.A
Makurdi L.G.A
Obi/Oju L.G.A
Ogbadibo L.G A
Ohimin L.G.A
Oju L.G A
Okpokwu L.G.A
Oturkpo L.G A
Takar L.G.A
Ukum L.G A
Ushongo L.G.A
Vandeikya L.G.A

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