Olota Palace / Otun / Streets Zip Codes

Olota Palace / Otun / Streets Zip Codes

Area: Olota Palace / Otun /, Sango Ota, Ogun State. Associated Zip Code: 112223

District Name: Area: Olota Palace / Otun /
Local Government Area: Sango Ota
State: Ogun State
Associated Zip Code: 112223
Streets: (15)
Street name Zip Code
Akinsewa St. 112223
All For God St. 112223
Amadia Rd. 112223
Idota Rd. 112223
Iga Ikogbe St. 112223
Iga Iliwo St. 112223
Ijagba Rd. 112223
Ilata Rd. 112223
Ilumo Rd. 112223
Isolosi St. 112223
Itaele- ota St. 112223
Mabodu St. 112223
Onikotun St. 112223
Oremeji Cl. 112223
Tigbo St. 112223

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