Akuru Toru Streets Zip Codes

Akuru Toru Streets Zip Codes

District: Akuru Toru, Akuru Toru L.G.A, Rivers State. Associated Zip Code: 504103

District Name: District: Akuru Toru
Local Government Area: Akuru Toru L.G.A
State: Rivers State
Associated Zip Code: 504103

Streets: (8)
Street name Zip Code
Abissa 504103
Abonnema 504103
Elem Sangama 504103
Idama 504103
Kula 504103
Obonoma 504103
Oru-Sangama 504103
Soku 504103

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  1. The consistent wrong spelling of Akuku-Toru as Akuru Toru is disturbing. Please effect the corrections wherever applicable before it becomes legitimized. Thank you.


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